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My name is Eirik Løkke and I am a Fellow at the Norwegian Liberal think tank, Civita. I was born in Stavanger, Norway (1980) and after finishing my mandatory year in the Norwegian Armed Forces (1999-2000), I began my studies at the University of Bergen (UiB), where I earned a B.A. in Comparative politics (2003) and a M.A. in History (2010) in addition to a semester course in Law/Human Rights (2005).

Before joining Civita, I worked as a university teacher at UiB (2005-2007), followed by a spell at AIMS International specialising in recruitment (2007-2009). My interest in politics made me pursue a role as a campaign advisor for Høyre (Conservative Party) with responsibility for digital strategy and social media (2009). Thereafter, I worked almost two years (2010-2011) as a digital advisor for UNICEF Norway, before joining Civita (2011) as a Fellow.

My main interests are norwegian and international politics, with a primary focus on american politics. I follow and comment on US politics, elections and international relations. As a pundit, I frequently comment on politics in norwegian media. For an english speaking audience I regular provide lectures on the Nordic model, in particular how it compares with the US model. Furthermore, I am the author of the book "Privacy after Snowden" (Civita 2016), which is translated into turkish. I co-host the weekly Civita-podcast, "Liberal Halvtime", which regularly host english speaking guests.  

I currently live in Oslo with my wife and two young girls.

You can read more about me and my background on Civita's website.



+47 958 86 807